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When Europe was tormented by wars, for many of our weary hopeless political, social and economic fellow citizens (times of the partitions), America appeared as the dawn of hope, like a ray of sunshine in a dark and without future reality. Mass exodus of Polish People "for bread" enriched the cheap labor markets in Europe, and especially in North America. Many for their "promised land" peeled Canada. A significant increase in immigration to this country begins in 1896, when Sifton Cliford began the Interior Minister who wide campaign management and settlement prairie. Westward CPR railway line determined the direction of advancing. In 1891 he reached the south bank of the North Saskatchewan that has been instrumental in contributing to the development of cities Edmonton and Strathcona. The first Polish people arrived by this way. The sheep followed their pastors. At first the life of Polish people focused around the church of St. Joachim.