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Our mutually formed parish community is, for many, an amalgamation of parish committees, prayer groups, circles and clubs as well Polonia organizations. People are social beings and, therefore, they create and engage themselves in various committees, associations, circles and organizations in which blossom possibilities to enrich the environment in which they live and also to enable easier attainment of goals. It is, therefore, totally natural that people who make up our parish are also involved in various committees, clubs and organizations. In order for our parish community to be able to function officially, a Parish Council, a Finance Committee, a Building Maintenance Committee, a Social Committee and a Parish Library have been created. Those who wish to broaden and to deepen their prayer life assemble together in the Ladies’ Sodality, The Good Sheperd Prayer Group, The “It is necessary for Him to reign” Prayer Group or The Circle devoted to the Most Holy Blood of Christ. Help to needy people beyond our parish is speedily given by the members of St. Teresa’s Mission Circle and the Good Samaritan Group. Service to the Church, locally and universally, is provided by men united in the Knights of Columbus. Very many of our parishioners belong to numerous Polish organizations working in Edmonton and Alberta while still maintaining their solid and close contact with our parish.