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Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn

an opportunity to pledge a daily prayer for nine months for a baby who is in danger of abortion. 1. Daily prayer of one mystery of the Rosary 2. any good deed 3. Daily prayer of : "Dear Jesus..."


Dear Jesus, child of Mary, I love You and thank You for Your unconditional love. I plead with You to save the life of the unborn child whom I have spiritually adopted and whose life is threatened by abortion. May this child be allowed to grow in wisdom, age and strength in Your presence and in the sight of all. Amen.


MONTH ONE – Developing Baby                                    Spiritual Adoption Program


“My heart started beating today!”  During this first amazing month of life, the baby grows to 10,000 times his size at conception.  He is totally dependent upon his mother.  Between mother and child lies the vital organ called the placenta.  Here vessels from mother and baby intertwine without joining, highlighting this newly formed relationship – mutual, nourishing and deeply connected.  By the third week the baby’s tiny hart begins to beat.  Pray that the Lord of Life might move the heart of the baby’s mother to give him the most precious gift of all - - the gift of life.



MONTH TWO – Developing Baby                                                   Spiritual Adoption Program


 “I can suck my thumb now!”  The developing baby is now called a “fetus” (Latin for “little one”).  She is making rapid progress developing all her external and internal organs.  During the second month baby teeth form, and fingers and toes are developing.  Her ears, nose, lips and tongue can now be clearly seen.  Brain waves can be recorded.  The skeleton changes from cartilage to bone.  The central nervous system is now functioning, and so forty muscle sets begin their first exercises.  By 8 weeks all body systems are present.  This little one can now suck her thumb and is about two inches long.  Thank you for praying for this precious little baby!


MONTH THREE – Developing Baby                                                 Spiritual Adoption Program

“I grabbed my hand!”  The baby can now squint, swallow and move his tongue.  He sleeps and awakens.  Fingernails and toenails form and he now has his own unique set of fingerprints.  Sensitive to touch, he will tightly grasp an object placed in the palm of his hand.  He breathes amniotic fluid to help develop and strengthen the respiratory system, but he gets the oxygen he needs through the umbilical cord.   The baby you are praying for weighs one ounce and is about 3 inches in length.

MONTH FOUR - - Developing Baby                                                Spiritual Adoption Program


I had a dream!”   Your baby’s brain has begun maturing – a process that will continue until she is about 14 years old.  Her eyelids are now sealed and will re-open at 7 months.  Her taste buds are now working.  Nutrients consumed by her mother are passed on to her within an hour or two.  Three hundred quarts of fluid a day are sent to the baby via the umbilical cord.  Fine hair begins to grow on head, eyebrows and eyelashes.  Facial expressions similar to parents of the baby can be seen at this time.   This month REMS (rapid eye movements) have been recorded – a sign of dreaming.  Your baby is now about 9 inches in length.  Thank you for praying!


MONTH FIVE – Developing Baby                                                    Spiritual Adoption Program


Your spiritually adopted baby weighs over one pound now.  His mother can feel his movement now.  Before, he was too small for her to feel.  Although he swam with ease in his watery world, he needed to be big and strong enough to kick hard against the outside wall and dent it - - the inside wall of the uterus has no feeling.  We are mid-way through the pregnancy now.  He is about 12 inches in length.   Your prayers have helped your baby’s mother continue with her pregnancy and seek the help she needs.


MONTH SIX – Developing Baby                                                      Spiritual Adoption Program


“I’m sitting up straight now!”  The baby’s oil and sweat glands are functioning; these help regulate body temperature.  A white filmy layer covers the baby and protects her delicate skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid and from scratches as she twists and turns.  This waxy substance will be quickly absorbed into her skin soon after she is born.  She can now respond to a sound.  Her lungs are fairly well developed and she would stand a good chance of survival if born at this time.  Her weight is approaching two pounds and she is about 14 inches long.  Thank you for praying!


MONTH SEVEN – Developing Baby                                                Spiritual Adoption Program


“I can look around!”  Beginning this month the baby uses all four senses.  His eyelids open and close and the eyes look around.  The baby can hear, taste, touch, cough, yawn and hiccup.  He now recognizes his own mother’s voice.  His grip is even stronger now than it will be after his birth.  The hair on his head is growing longer and the downy covering on the rest of his body is disappearing.  During this time the baby will receive antibodies from his mother providing him immunity to a wide variety of diseases.   He is about 15 inches in length.  Thank you for praying!


MONTH EIGHT – Developing Baby                                                 Spiritual Adoption Program


 “I like to listen to my Mommy’s voice!”  In the last two months the baby continues to gain weight.  She is developing a layer of fat that will keep her warm after she is born.  In the 9th month she will shift to a head-down position, preparing for birth.  Her lungs are now fully developed and capable of making the transition to breathing air.  After birth she will continue the human growth process for many years to come. She is about 18 inches in length.  Your baby’s mother appreciated the prayers you have said for her and her baby throughout the pregnancy.  It has not been easy, but your prayers have given her the grace she needed to bring her baby to term.



MONTH NINE – Baby is Born                                                            Spiritual Adoption Program

 “Here I am!”  Your spiritually adopted baby was born this month - - nine months after his/her mother conceived him/her.  The only change at birth is a change in the external life support system of the baby.  He/she is no different now than he/she before birth except that he breathes and eats differently.  He/she is truly a miracle.  He began as a 46-chromosome cell and has developed over the past nine months into this unique human baby.  Never before in history, nor ever again, will anyone exist that is just like your spiritually adopted baby.  Your prayers saved his/her life.  Thank you on behalf of all of the little babies that you cared enough to pray for him/her and his/her mother.  .  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!