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Good Shepherd Prayer Group

The "Good Shepherd" prayer group at Holy Rosary Parish was established in 1995 based on the initiative of Grazyna Maslowski, with the support of Father Stanislaus Kowal, the pastor at the time. This group exists for 18 continuous years, and with other organizations and associations operating at the parish, contributes to the enrichment of parish life. Currently, the group consists of people with a few or several years of experience in it. They are the backbone of the group. Courtesy of the local priests, the group meets once a week, in the hall of the church for a prayer vigil. Currently, the group meets on Wednesday's after the evening mass, from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. New members are always welcome, and the door of our prayer room is open to everyone willing to participate in one or many meetings. Our meetings consist of worship of God, who is the perpetrator of all in all of us. This is done through: the rosary prayer, singing, prayer of thanksgiving, and reading and meditating on Scripture. For some time now, each member, in turn, is involved in the preparing the prayer meeting. This allows everyone to participate actively and openly in the prayer meeting. The purpose is to bring each individual's contribution to the development and life of the prayer group. It is worth mentioning, that the members also engage in other types of group "prayer ministry" such as conducting prayer meetings in the hospital or in private homes, and for the sick who request such prayers. Several times we have led the first - Friday adoration in our parish. In 2003, our group took part in the music festival "Sacrosong", organized at Holy Rosary parish. In the same year, a significant part of our group went on the prayer pilgrimage to Medjugorje. "You did not choose me, but I chose you," said Jesus to his apostles. We believe that He also speaks to each of us. Jesus, the Good Shepherd is the patron of our community prayer who sometimes leads us through the "dark valley" but we do not fear because He is always with us. Thank you, Jesus!

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